This Week’s Training

It is an incredibly rainy week here in Sonora.  This week’s training can be done at home to keep you going strong on your fitness goals, literally!

Dumb Bell Goblet Squat 10 reps

DB Glute Raise (Dumb Bell is held across your hips as you bridge.) 10 Reps

Renegade Row: 10 Per arm

Butterfly Raise 10 Reps

Bent Over Reverse Flies 10 reps

Do these exercises in a circuit and complete 3 rounds.

Demonstrations can be seen in the exercise database at

Here is the link to a Goblet Squat:

Even better, come to class today at 9AM at the dance studio at the dome: 251-B Baretta St.  Catherine teaches every Wednesday at 9AM, and Mondays at 5:30PM.

You can turn in at the entrance to Cassina High, drive up the hill to the old dome building and park. Then walk past the dome to the classroom building: that’s 251 B, and there are signs pointing to the Arts Alliance classrooms and the dance studio.






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