New Study: Rest Times For Muscle Growth

How long should we rest between sets to get muscle growth? “Stronger By Science,” has answers in this article.

I’m turning 60 real soon, and women have a harder time achieving hypertrophy. According to Oxford Languages, hypertrophy is,

  1. the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.”the hypertrophy of the muscle fibers”

In order to continue all of my activities of daily living to age 80 and beyond, I want to build as much muscle as I can now. Studies show that women my age and older need to optimize their training in order to build muscle.

I’m choosing a five day split to achieve this, and I was happy to learn that a 1-2 minute rest interval between sets can work best for muscle growth. Some studies had indicated that growth required even longer intervals. As someone who is going to lift five days a week, even 30 seconds between sets will save time and get me back to what I love: dancing, singing, and playing guitar.

Today is back day!

Execrcises that make up a five day per week weight lifting program.
For lifting weights at home.





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