How to Get to Cathy’s Fit Class

I was so delighted to see Rachel on Monday.  She mentioned that it was a challenge to find the dance studio at 251 B. Baretta Street so I made this slideshow to help.

Park on Baretta Street near the stairs.  (I must say these stairs could be fantastic for some free interval training.)  Walk up the stairs and turn left.  Go a few feet and walk down the next set of stairs to the TCAA building.  Turn left and walk in the first door on your right.  Walk through the art room to the dance studio.  There is a restroom, and drinking water is available.  There are cups, but it’s a good idea to remember your water bottle.  Cathy’s Fit Classes are at 5:30PM Mondays, and 9AM Wednesdays.

We use light weights and kettle bells in order to focus on form. For best results you should do the training routine I teach in class two more times during the week, either at home or the gym, and you can use heavier weights then.

The exercises can be modified for all levels. Single classes are $10 cash, or check made out to TCAA.  You can get your 6th class free if you buy a 6 class card for $50.

That’s Cathy’s Fit Class at KASA Dance at the Dome, brought to you by the Tuolumne County Arts Alliance.

Find your way here!  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Jo Ann Avatar
    Jo Ann

    The class is great. There is a variety of exercises each week so no getting bored. I really like her attention to each person’s form and options for different levels.

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