Eight Essential Lifts for Permanent Fat Loss

These eight lifts were the key to my physical transformation nine years ago.

Lately, my focus as a fitness professional has been on helping my clients escape, “The Weight Loss Trap.”  The trap is the fact that, as we lose weight, we typically adapt to diet an exercise in a way that causes us to need less energy to maintain our weight.

In other words, we eat less and move more, but the fat won’t stay off.

I have trained, studied and researched for many hours in order to understand why my clients and I have been able to transform permanently.  Today, I want to share one of the most important elements of fat loss maintenance with you.

To put it simply, the answer is weight lifting.

Yes, the people who have worked with me and stayed lean continue to lift with excellent form.  If you have trained with me you know that I am passionate about putting form before volume.  I always want my clients to give me their best rep, or their best move.

We use rest based training in order to make sure that we don’t back off of technique to that we can pace ourselves and keep going longer.

I learned the importance of this technique in the weight room.  When we progress by lifting heavier or adding reps, form and rest are crucial for preventing injury.

Back to the key to the weight loss trap.  We we lift we build muscle.  When we build muscle, we increase metabolism, require more energy, and we get the strength we need to move more with enjoyment, not added stress.

So what are the eight essential lifts for permanent fat loss?

Here are my choices:

#1. The Squat

#2. The Chest Press or Pushup

#3. The Romanian Deadlift

#4. The Row

#5. The Overhead Press

#6. The Bicep Curl

#7. Overhead Tricep Extensions

#8. The Plank

There are so many more excellent lifts i could add to this list, but these are my foundational exercises.

I will teach them all to you in Broadway Bootcamp class with the goal of ensuring that you will be able to perform them properly for the rest of your life, whether you are at home, at your gym, or traveling.

The next session of Broadway Bootcamp starts Tuesday September 5th at 6:30AM and 8AM.  There are also classes at 5:30PM on Mondays, and 9AM on Wednesdays.  The cost is $10 for the hour long class or 6 classes for $50.

Come learn the lifts you need to stay lean for life.

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