Are You Scared To Go To The Gym?

What you need is a plan.

Catherine Best Gordon with weight lifting equipment.
Home gyms are great, but gyms are too.

When I started resistance and interval training in 2008, I felt uncomfortable at the gym.

Most of the people in the weight room were men who had been lifting for a long time.

I was significantly overweight, and I looked older than my 43 years. When I started improving, two of the older fellas would call me “Rocky.” They thought it was funny. I thought it was embarrassing.

I stuck with it because I was in a transformation contest that offered a chance to win $2000. I also had on-line support from my fellow transformers.

I think the most important reason I stuck it out was because I could feel it working after just the first few workouts. By the end of the fourth week, I could see that my new way of training and eating was working.

The main reason I didn’t run away from the gym is that I had a simple plan. I could get on the floor, do my sets, and get out. Head down, doing the work, one rep at a time.

Here is a standard plan of lifting I learned from Craig Ballantyne. It is one of the same patterns of training that have been practiced by lifters for decades all over the world, and my ACE certification included learning this technique. (It’s far from the only one that works, but it’s one of the simplest.)

3 Sets of non-competing upper and lower body exercises. 8 Repetitions of each exercise.

Set 1: 8 pushups followed by 8 Dumb Bell Squats. Rest one minute. Repeat. Rest one minute. Repeat again. Rest one minute and move on to:

Set 2: 8 Dumb Bell Rows for each arm followed by 8 Romanian Deadlifts. Rest one minute. Repeat exercises. Rest one minute. Repeat exercises. Rest one minute and move on to:

Set 3: 8 Bicep Curls per arm followed by 8 Alternating Side Squats. Rest one minute and repeat both exercises. Rest one minute and repeat exercises again. Move on to interval training or gently stretch major muscle groups and get on with your day.

Do this plan three times a week for four weeks without skipping and you will reap the rewards.

I’ve been doing similar workouts for 15 years. Lifting has transformed my life for the better, and I still train at the same gym.

So go ahead fellas, call me “Rocky.” I may train at home a lot, but I’m not scared to go to the gym.


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