Class Schedule

Classes at 14709 Mono Way own Sonora, CA
Fitness Classes with Catherine Gordon CPT at Sol-Y-Breath

Fitness Class Schedule for: Strength Plus and Chair Yoga at Sol-Y-Breath

Classes ongoing.

Cardio Freedom: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8AM

Announcing a new fitness class in Sonora, CA.  This is a 60 minute class that includes a gentle warm up, light resistance training, dance based movement for balance, finishing with a gentle Yoga sequence. We focus on excellent form throughout the class. The cost is $8 per class.

Cardio Freedom: Thursdays at 5:30PM

This 60 minute class using a chair for support is for anyone who needs modifications to protect their back, knees, and shoulders, or for anyone who needs to improve balance in a gentle class.  Warm up, resistance with light weights, dance based movement for balance, closing with yoga and restorative meditation all while seated or with a hand on the chair.  If you are looking for a class that is truly gentle while allowing you to progress at your own pace, this it. Cost: $8

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