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  • 28 Day Sugar Detox

    28 Day Sugar Detox

    I got off of sugar 14 years ago, and I don’t miss it at all. This is the food list I still use today. Yesterday’s food list is below. Sugar Detox Shopping List No Sugar, No Grains, No Processed Vegetable Oils = No Cravings! 1. In The Produce Aisle Eat a variety of non-starchy vegetables  […]

  • How I Gained Weight, How I Lost it, and How I Keep It Off.

    My unwanted weight gain started with two conditions, one genetic, and the other environmental. Condition Number One: Dopamine Resistance. I was born with a mutation of the A1 allele of the D2 dopamine receptor. This mutation can be found in hunter gatherer populations, and in the descendants of groups of people who experienced severe prolonged […]

  • How I Went From Obese To Healthy

    And How I Maintain That Weight Loss After Menopause. If I had to describe how I maintain my sixty pound weight loss in one sentence this would be it: I reduce the glucose in my nutrition to the point where my cravings disappear. My former obesity was a visible symptom of my dis-regulated appetite. As […]

  • How I Healed My Sugar Addiction

    The First Step To Healing My Sugar Addiction was learning to handle my hunger. Vinegar Study: Article on the weight loss drug Wegovy:

  • 4 Keys to Weight Loss

    Here is the weight loss question I answered on Quora today: How do I decrease weight from 74 kg to 60 kg of a 5’3 female? Answer: In 2008, I followed a food and fitness program that took my weight from 67 kg to 60 kg in 12 weeks. What was even better is that […]

  • Is It Better To Walk or Jog to Lose Weight?

    I’m happy to answer this question because it lets me dig in to some of the things I’ve discovered about walking, jogging, running, and sprinting in the course of the past 45 years. When I was in the 7th grade, I struggled to jog a mile in P.E. even though I was pretty good at […]

  • The Freedom Forty Fitness Challenge

    The Freedom Forty Fitness Challenge starts Monday, July 9th, and wraps up Saturday, August 18th. As promised when I designed the Freedom Fourteen, I am ready to offer the Freedom Forty in order to encourage my clients and readers to make this their fittest Summer ever. While the sun is out and the days are […]

  • My Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss

    My Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss is Sugar Freedom: no sugar, no grains, no vegetable oils. I used to wish that I could add sugar, grains, and high sugar fruits like bananas, but every time I tried re-introduction my cravings came roaring back, and away I would go with over eating. The truth is […]

  • Keeping Keto: A look at a typical day on Sugar Freedom.

    I have been using a ketogenic, low carb nutrition strategy consistently since 2008.  Back then, the way I ate was literally considered to be dangerous.  According to the USDA guidelines, I was eating way too much saturated fat and way too few  whole grains to maintain good health. The current popularity of the Whole 30 and […]

  • The Truth About Big Time- Long Term Weight Loss

    I am a member of the .01 percent.  That means that I have achieved long term- big time weight loss. My top non-pregnancy weight was 185 pounds, and I have been maintaining my weight at within 5 pounds of 120 ever since 2009. I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2012, and I completed my […]