Transformation Step Two

Transformation Step Two: Your Before Picture

The truth is that I am small.  I stand just 5’1, and as I type this I’m wearing my size small Green Apple yoga pants, and an extra small tank top from the Junior department at Kohls.  So what is going on with my thighs?

I know, I know, I’ve got vanity issues, but I’m a trainer now and I want to represent a certain ideal.  In the right clothes, makeup, and lighting I can convince myself that I look the same as I did in the Spring of 2011 when I was firing on all cylinders in terms of eating and training, and I’ve learned not to blindly trust my bathroom scale to tell me how I’m doing health and fitness wise.  But now I see yet again that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The tight, shapely contours of 2011 have softened due to the happy stress of getting three fitness certifications, opening a business, and playing fast and loose with my eating and training.

Now that Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #15 has begun, it’s time to get honest and accept where I am fight now in terms of fitness, and I want you to do the same.

The before picture isn’t about punishing yourself for not being a model of perfect heath though- quite the opposite really.  The idea is that if you can take a clear look at your image and accept it, you can take steps to bring it into line with your authentic self.

It’s important to remember that your authentic ideal won’t look the same as anybody else’s, but when you do see your image, I want you to feel at ease with it.  The goal is to bring your image into line with your identity on your own terms.  In my case, I want to be able to train, coach, and dance safely and with confidence.  Yes, I can do that now.  I’d better be able to because I’m teaching Turbulence Training and Zumba tomorrow, but I do want to increase my confidence by becoming tighter, stronger, and yes, a bit lighter- with all of that lightness coming from the release of fat.

What do you want to do that would be enhanced by a higher level of fitness, and the improved appearance that would bring?  I do believe that beauty is the physical expression of well being, so what do you need to do in terms of your well being that would bring your looks in line with your hopes?

Your before picture gives you perspective, awareness, and honesty.  In order to get the most out of the coming 12 weeks of transformation you have to accept yourself right now in this moment, and bring the body you have right now to the table, the gym, the garage, the grocery store, or wherever it is that you practice health and fitness.

Is it hard to take a before picture and put it up on the refrigerator? Your computer screen? The bathroom mirror? Your Blog?  Maybe, but once you’ve taken this picture, taken a good look and a deep breath, everything else on this journey will be a little bit easier in comparison.  Trust me on this.

Here is my affiliate link to the Turbulence Training For Fat Loss program for any of you who wish to buy it in order along.

Step One on Your Transformation Journey

The First Step in Your Transformation

I have some good news and some bad news.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Exercise may not be all that great for weight loss.  There are plenty of studies that indicate that committing to a fitness program without  changing dietary habits doesn’t make the scale move in a downward direction.

So why in the world would I claim that your fitness program is the most important element in your physical transformation?

Simple, a well designed exercise program that includes resistance training will help to ensure that any weight you lose on your transformation journey will be fat, not lean tissue (i.e. muscle).

Just last night I was reading about a study that compared diet alone, diet with endurance exercise, and diet with resistance exercise, and the results were gratifying for anyone who trains people for a living.
The subjects who did diet alone over the course of 12 weeks lost 9.6 kg- 69% of which was fat.  Those who added endurance exercise lost 9kg with 78% as fat, and those who added resistance training lost 9.9kg (not much more that diet alone) with 97% of the weight loss coming from fat.

Now those are the kind of numbers that would make any trainer smile, because that kind of change in body composition is going to create an obvious and highly visible improvement in appearance and performance.  Look hotter and get stronger in 12 weeks?  Sign me up.

So for those of you who are joining me in the 12 week transformation challenge that starts today here is step one.

Get out your calendar and schedule your training sessions.  A few of you will be coming to Gordon Studio to train with me.  Some of you will be going to your local gym, and many of you will be training at home.  Regardless of where you will practice schedule that time now.  You may not know exactly what program you’ll follow for all 12 weeks, but you should make a specific choice for the first four.  My local clients and I will be using the TT 30 Minute Thermogenic plan for the first four weeks.

Fot any of you who want to purchase the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program, here is my affiliate link:

Turbulence Training For Fat Loss.

Please note that you don’t have to purchase the program to enter the contest.

Now go grab your calendar or your phone, or open your scheduling app and enter those training sessions:  3 per week for 12 weeks.  Remember, TT style means those training sessions are only 30- 45 minutes long, and the return on your investment of that small amount of time will astonish you.

Now it’s time for me  to get ready to take “Before Pictures”.  Another crucial element of transformation that I’ll be writing about tomorrow.

15th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest

Why am I entering the 15th TT Transformation contest, and why should you?  Here are my top three reasons.

#1.  It works.

I was listening to a podcast last week with Dr. Stephen Phinney, and he called anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off for more than a year part of the .01%.  who have succeeded at losing weight long term.  Not 5%, not 1%, but .01%

Is it really that rare to to release fat for good?  If it is, than it’s imperative for me to keep following, teaching, and writing about the program that keeps working for me.

My Turbulence Training Affiliate Link.

Yes, if you click that link and buy the program I earn a commission, and I’m proud to encourage you to do so because my favorite training programs are all there, including the famous TT 2K3 which made me believe for the first time ever that I could build the body of my dreams, and win the 2nd Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

#2.  I’m joining to encourage and support my clients.

We live in a world that surrounds us with the temptation to just sit and eat, and I never managed to keep positive fitness changes until I stopped trying to do it alone.  I always thought if nobody knew I was trying to get fit, nobody would know if I failed, and I would have nothing to feel ashamed of.  I was a prisoner of the kind of foolish pride that kept me from asking for help, support, and encouragement.  After I joined the second transformation contest, I learned that lo and behold the best way to get support for your goals is to give support and encouragement to someone else.

#3.  The Transformation Contest Keeps Me Honest.

I am so good at fooling myself.  I am a master of the kind of self talk that says, “I’ll start tomorrow, “Just one won’t hurt”, and “These must have shrunk in the wash”.

For whatever reason, I find it a lot easier to lie to myself than to lie to clients, colleagues, and friends.

The truth is that I have allowed my focus to be pulled away from what created my transformation in the first place:  Turbulence Training, Optimal Eating, and Social Support.

So here I am, back for the good stuff.  On Friday we will be taking “Before” photos and measurements at Gordon Studio, and for the next 12 weeks I will be writing about what we discover on this latest journey towards the authentic ideal body that is the vehicle for our dreams.  Join us for some serious fun.

We’re open!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Gordon Studio in our first week.  I know it can be a challenge to try something new, and I’m grateful to all of you who gave Zumba, Zumba Gold, or Turbulence Training a try.

To my returning students from Jamestown, you were the one’s who gave me the confidence to take the plunge and open my own place.  As little as eight months ago I was still claiming that I didn’t want to be a fitness studio owner.  Never say never right?

My husband and son pitched in and made it possible for me to get the space ready, and my friends who have been in the fitness or dance studio business were generous with good advice, and encouragement.

Glitches?  A few minor ones.  The speakers went out briefly on day one, and new students who called our number weren’t getting an answer or message, but I think I’ve got that squared away now.

Bottom line- Gordon Studio is open and ready to serve your need for fitness and fun, motivation and inspiration.

Come on down!

Schedule to begin September 4th, 2012

Here is the tentative schedule starting 9/4- the Tuesday right after Labor Day.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:  Turbulence Training at 6AM

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Zumba Gold at 9:30AM

Monday and Wednesday Evenings: Zumba at 6:30PM

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings: Zumba at 5:30PM


The floors are in and the mirrors are up.  It looks like we’re on schedule to get the doors open on Tuesday September 4th.