Jamie Did It!


In a tough field of international competitors, Jamie takes 3rd. place in the Women over 40 division.  It is always the most competitive category, and I am so proud of her achievement.  It’s true, in just 90 minutes a week, you can transform your body. If you also commit to a sugar and processed food free eating strategy, it will happen even faster!  See www.sugarfreedom.com for details.

Gordon Studio is accepting new students into the 5:15PM, and 6PM classes.

Holiday Schedule, and Finalists!

First:  There will be no classes Dec. 24th- 27th.  Classes resume on 12/29.  We will have classes on New Year’s Eve, but not on New Year’s Day.

Please visit  http://www.turbulencetrainingcontest.com/vote_1114.shtml   to vote for our Transformation Contest Finalists!

Jim J. in Men over 40

Janet L. and Phyliss R. in Women over 40

And Pam J. in the Pro Division.

With these 4 finalists, Gordon Studio clients have made more finals than any other gym in the world.  You are all amazing.


The Little Black Dress Diet and Coaching Program

So the party/gala/holiday/social season is almost here.

I bought this LBD in Las Vegas 3 years ago, and the past 6 days have got me back in it, but it’s still a little snug.  I’ve been asking myself, what would happen if you simply didn’t cheat?  I know, I know, my typical “Cheats” are cheese and walnuts: not exactly Krispy Kremes,but…

At any rate, I’m off to write the meal plans and secret fitness weapons for the program.  It isn’t as hard as we think, but a few simple choices have to be made.  Plus, you get one event meal per week to eat anything you wish that doesn’t trigger you.  Including wine if it’s right for you.

Time to get to it.  Good news: with so many more classes at Gordon Studio you have something else to do besides cheat.

c and d
Little Black Dress and Little Black Dog.

Studio Update

So sorry to report that April won’t be teaching Zumba this month.  Let’s all wish her speedy healing for her knee!  (And here’s hoping it’s nothing Serious.)

Suzanne H. has started her Zumba classes at 9:30AM Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Come enjoy the music, dancing, and a fun workout.

For those of you who are entering the Transformation contest: After pictures are coming soon, and thank you to those of you who have already scheduled your pictures.

Note that I will be on vacation from July 21st through the 23rd.  TT resumes on Thursday, July 24th.

Here’s something fun: Mention Gordon Studio when you call to make reservations for “On Golden Pond” at Stage 3 Theatre and get $5 off of your tickets!  (209) images536-1778

Can’t Believe I’m going To Re-Post This

Dear Gordon Studio Trainees,

I am so proud of the progress you are making in TT.  Your focus, effort, and dedication is wonderful to behold.

I know you hear me when I say that form and quality bring better, faster results than weight and volume bring: especially if you can’t control the weight and handle the volume.

Jason gets a little bit blue in his posts, but he describes training and  lifting concepts better than I ever could.  If you want a great physique (girls or guys) please read this.

Here’s Jason:

Pecs and biceps.

The beach muscles.

They can be big but that doesn’t mean you’re strong. It
doesn’t give the look of strength and power. You’d never look
at a guy with big pecs and bi’s but no back and say, “that
guy’s a lifter.”

You just know he’s down at Gold’s doing the bench and curl
circuit all day, every day.

A guy with a jacked back commands respect, gets promotions
faster at work, is invited backstage at Victoria Secret’s
lingerie shows and is generally loved by children everywhere.

Shame, because the hardest area of the body for most people
to develop is the back.

That is, if they even try. In most public gyms dudes will
hardly ever do a row or deadlift. Bench and curls. Bench and

That leads to imbalances, possible injuries, and a terrible

The informed ones; those who train their backs, often struggle
because of the fact that it’s not a mirror muscle.

You can’t see it. This makes it a harder to develop a
mind-muscle connection.

The first step to improving your back training is stripping a
few pounds off the bar (or dumbbell).

Most dudes go way too heavy when training pulling movements.

They’re heaving the weight and doing something that looks
more like they’re having a seizure than doing a bent over row.

I don’t know what muscles that movement trains, but it ain’t

And it’s very distracting and annoying to the rest of us.

To get a little further away from the Pee Wee Herman end of
the scale and closer to the Dorian Yates end you’ve gotta
lighten the weight. (My emphasis C.G.)

And squeeze that sh*t.

In the classic bodybuilding film noir, Blood and Guts,
Dorian’s training partner yells at him to “SQUEEZE,” on every
rep he does of a pulling exercise.

Not just heave weight.

When you’re training back on one of your Renegade workouts,
decrease the weight, don’t rely on momentum to move it and
consciously squeeze your lats and mid back throughout the set.

Try to hold the contracted position for a second on each rep.

If you can’t hold it with control the weight’s too heavy.

And bump up the reps. There’s no reason to be doing a triple
on a row or chin up. Stick with sets of 8-15. You’ll get more
out of it.

The pulling muscles can take a lot of work. That’s one of the
reasons every Renegade program contains more pulling than

And because, like I said, a bigger back gets you discounts at
restaurants, free airline miles and the adoration of lingerie
league football players everywhere.

Squeeze that sh*t, son.

Jay Ferruggia

Catherine again: Right now, the part of my physique that gives me the most pride is my back.  I hardly ever see it, but I see you all making your backs stronger and tighter, and it makes me so proud.  So dominate the weight ladies and gentlemen, even if it needs to be a light one.

Studio Selfie and a Tough Training Session

Picture week is coming!  Time to record our hard work over the past 12 weeks.  Now selfies aren’t really my bag, yet, but here’s one from the studio:

So... where d I hold the camera?
So… where do I hold the camera?

To all of you who are entering the Transformation contest:  Drink your water, stay consistent with your training, and don’t do anything drastic food wise.  You have all come so far and achieved so much that you just need to stay the course.  After the shoot, enjoy your favorite meal with family and or friends, and get right back here to train for your next scheduled session.

I will be asking you all to lower your weights, and use easier modifications in the week after pictures so that you get good recovery.  Make sure that you take time to appreciate your wonderful efforts.

Now, here’s a little goodie for everyone: A Super Finisher that’s a training session all by itself: (Thanks Mike Whitfield)


Legendary 200 Bodyweight Finisher

Do the following circuit twice, resting ONLY when needed.

1) Burpees (10 reps)

2) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squat (20 reps)

3) Pushup/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo (20 reps)

4) Alternating Diagonal Lunge (10 reps per side)

5) Plank to Triceps Extension (10 reps)

6) Skater Hops (10 reps per side)

Train Safe, and Enjoy.




Guest Rant From CTT Mike Whitfield. Oh Boy!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time for my Rant
This is some Friday tough love. It’s not going to be pretty,
so if you’re easily offended (don’t worry, I don’t curse, but
I will be blunt), go watch a chick flick and eat some Girl
Scout Thin Mints. Speaking of which, that’s my first rant…
Rant # 1 – I Buy Them for the Kids
Stop. Just stop it. After training hundreds of clients 1-on-1,
there was only ONE person that could have Girl Scout cookies
in her house, yet only allow herself one cookie at night.
How did she do that? The world will never know. I think she
is a Thin Mint Jedi, but guess what… you’re NOT one.
Donate $3, but tell them to keep the cookies. Why in the world
would you waste your time and energy with the over-rated
“will power”?
Don’t even keep them (or any other junk food you find tempting)
in your house.
If I had a box of Thin Mints in the freezer, the box would be
consumed within minutes. I would open the freezer, scream
like a girl and eat up. That’s who I am…
… and it’s why I don’t allow them in my house.
And no, I don’t buy your “I get them for the kids” excuse.
Please STOP
Rant # 2 – You Buy Starbucks Coffee Almost Daily, But 
You Complain Healthy Food is Expensive?
I’m not even going to waste my time explaining this. Read
the above again and then shake your own head in disbelief.
Now that you “get it”, Fix it TODAY.
Please STOP
Rant # 3 – I Read on the Internet That….
Ohhh, ohhhhhhhh! I didn’t realize you read it on the interwebz,
where… you know… EVERYTHING is like… true and stuff.
No, you don’t need to eat 200 grams of protein a day to lose
fat. You can do great eating between 70 – 120 grams a day.
No, one pound of muscle does not burn 50 calories a day. Seriously,
if I gained 30 pounds of muscle, I would be able to burn an additional
1500 calories a day?
Daily stack of pancakes coming right up… NOT.
No, your workout didn’t count because you’re not sore. Look, I
can stick a rake up my butt and you bet I’ll be sore. But that
doesn’t mean I had a great glute workout. C’mon.
Rant # 4 – I’m Too Old 
I’m in better shape now approaching 40 this year than I was
in my 20’s.
Here I am at around age 25:
Here I am at the Fitness Business Summit about 3 weeks
ago at the age of 39 (I really like this polo shirt… it makes
me look jacked when I’m like… really not):
Need more proof? Meet my gal pal Shawna Kaminski, who
can run circles around most 20-year olds. She’s 50. Boo-ya.
Rant # 5 – I Eat Like a Bird and Still Can’t Lose the Weight
When you plug in your calories using any of the gabillion
free apps, does it say, “you’ve consumed a bird’s calories today”?
Oh, what’s that? You didn’t even track your food? OK, then you
have no clue what the “holdup” is. It could be mindless snacking.
It could be your body doesn’t respond well to certain foods. Who
The only way to find out is to track it. Track what you eat for
a couple of weeks, then improve it from there.
This simple advice can be a life-changer, but yet, I see people
roll their eyes when I tell them this. It’s absurd.
So PLEASE STOP complaining.
Happy Freakin’ Friday,
Mikey, Master CTT
PS – I only did this because I believe in YOU. This stuff
can sting, but it’s the swift kick in the butt you needed, right?

Catherine’s Zumba and Zumba Gold Classes are back

Please forgive the confusion Gordon Studio students, but when you’re as passionate about fat loss and figure transformation as I am, the fitness world can get confusing.

Bottom line, if we avoid “Steady State” and keep the classes to 45 minutes, I believe that Zumba and Zumba Gold can work for fat loss and transformation, and besides, it is incredible fun.

As I look back through the 2 years of choreography I have learned and created, I see that I can design classes that honor the Zumba formula, while not turning into the steady state, middle intensity cardio that tends to lead to muscle burning instead of muscle building.

Gordon Studio’s mission is to bring you the very best in “Transformation Training” and I will continue to do everything I can to stay true to that mission.  You see, it is integrity that allows me to teach with all of the enthusiasm and conviction that you deserve.

Let’s go!