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  • “You would kill me!”

    Recently, I asked an acquaintance if she would like to train with me, and this was her response, “You would kill me!  Even walking is too hard.” The truth is that our motto at Gordon Studio is: “No Pain Ever.”  I am committed teaching all of my clients great form so that they can achieve […]

  • Your Summer Body Breakthrough

    Your Summer Body Breakthrough

    The Summer Body Breakthrough begins Monday, June 6.  Call 209-532-2235 or email to reserve your spot. I have learned so much from my amazing clients over the past 4 years since I began working professionally as a personal trainer. Nutrition, training, mindset, and group support make for an unstoppable combination when it comes to […]

  • Catherine’s Body Workshop

    Yes! Catherine’s Body Workshop is coming. Saturday April 23rd at 3PM. there will be an orientation meeting for new students at the studio: 291 S. Washington St. Then,  Monday through Friday at 5:30PM from April 25th through May 6th participants will follow my newly designed training program. In addition, my latest meal plans will be […]

  • New Students Get 2 Free Classes, and a Free Sample Meal Plan

    Are you ready to try a new fitness program?  Gordon Studio is the Little Fitness Studio with the Big Results.  Owner Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT has helped her clients and readers lose thousands of pounds and inches with the G-Fit system and her nutrition program: Sugar Freedom. Gordon Studio offers 30 minute fitness classes that get […]

  • The Total Body Challenge Begins Today

    Away we go with another Total Body Challenge at Gordon Studio. These challenges were instrumental in helping our clients lose over 1200 pounds and inches in 2015.  This year, we’re going for 1600 pounds and inches, from our in-person clients, and ten times that from readers of Sugar Freedom, and this blog. When I opened […]

  • The Client Appreciation Challenge Begins Monday, 1/18/16

    Away we go with another body transformation challenge.  It’s time to kick the sugar to the curb, and kick our training into gear.  Then we can beautify, stretch and restore in G-Dance on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:15PM. With all of the measurements in the books for 2015, I can now say with confidence that […]

  • Here is the new schedule starting January 4th, 2016

    I am delighted to announce that Gordon Studio will be adding fitness classes at 3:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Monday is our busiest day of the week, and 3:30PM classes will help ensure that everyone has the weights they need on G-Lift days.  The new schedule is as follows: Monday: G-Fit at 3:30, 4:30, […]

  • What is Polarized Training?

    No, Polarized training isn’t brand new. It couldn’t have been tried, tested, and proven if it was. In the past, if you’re a Gordon Studio member, you may have heard me talk about “Black Hole Training.” This is moderate intensity, long duration cardio that is intended to burn calories, but ends up increasing appetite and […]

  • Mission Statement

    Mission: To Create Your Ideal Body   Here at Gordon Studio we don’t hold back. The goal is to discover the best methods for helping you achieve your ideal body by accepting current conditions such as your age, metabolic condition, and body type, and then to optimize your training in order to help you reach […]

  • Amazing Fat Loss Results at Gordon Studio

    We’ve wrapped up another 6 Week Sugar Freedom/Transformation Challenge at Gordon Studio, and the results were some of the most consistent and impressive that I’ve ever seen. I became a personal trainer and opened Gordon Studio because I had a passionate desire to bring real results to my members. I will never forget the years […]