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  • Get in Shape This Summer: Gordon Studio’s Next Challenge Begins June 6th

    Our last challenge was a triumph with an extraordinary success rate of 100%.  Everyone lost pounds and inches, and I was so impressed by the improvements in strength and technique that the challengers achieved.  I don’t know when i’ve seen a group of 10 women get in better shape so fast. The fat loss formula […]

  • Here is the new schedule starting January 4th, 2016

    I am delighted to announce that Gordon Studio will be adding fitness classes at 3:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Monday is our busiest day of the week, and 3:30PM classes will help ensure that everyone has the weights they need on G-Lift days.  The new schedule is as follows: Monday: G-Fit at 3:30, 4:30, […]

  • Six Week Challenge Case Study

    For six weeks starting in May, four Gordon Studio Members took the Six Week Sugar Freedom Challenge and ran with it. Even though I seem to remember one member telling me, “I’m not giving up sugar” when she first joined, her change of heart led to a change of figure. They all eliminated sugar, grains, […]

  • Introducing G-Mix 1 and G-Mix 2 at Gordon Studio

    Catherine Gordon ACE, Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year, Transformation Champion, as seen on ABC News in “Secrets of the Super Dieters” presents: G-Mix 1 and G-Mix 2: Metabolic Dance Fitness Catherine combines the latest science in fat loss and body transformation with yesterday and today’s Top Hits to bring you a dance fitness class […]

  • Get a Great Body and Win Cash!

    To get the Turbulence Training Program That Has Worked Wonders at Gordon Studio: Click Here!  Congratulations to Kim, Peggy, Melinda, Sandra, and Melanie.   We are five for five when it comes to Gordon Studio clients who have completed a 12 week transformation and made it into the finals of this worldwide contest.   Everyone […]

  • TT Trainer of the Year

      Sunday, June 23, 2013 From Frustrated Overweight Mom To Trainer of the Year What is it about the saying, “Fitness is a lifestyle.”  That makes me roll my eyes, and think, “That’s not it at all.   The whole lifestyle thing makes me think of training as a chore.  Just one more thing, like brushing your […]

  • Picture Day: 4 Weeks Away

    Four Weeks ‘Till the Photo Shoot At the halfway mark. Friday, December 14th is picture day, so we have four weeks to complete the transformation we started back in September. If you’ve been doing your Turbulence Training consistently for the past eight weeks, you have laid the foundation for a great physique.  Now in these […]