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 Congratulations to Kim, Peggy, Melinda, Sandra, and Melanie.


We are five for five when it comes to Gordon Studio clients who have completed a 12 week transformation and made it into the finals of this worldwide contest.


Everyone has lost multiple inches in all the right places, and Kim placed second in the 17th contest by doing three TT Training sessions a week the were just 30 minutes long!


A Friendly Competition

There is only one Certified Turbulence Trainer that I know of who has had more clients make the finals, and that’s Mike Whitfield with six.


What do you say Gordon Studio members and blog followers, shall we try to make it 7,8, or more finalists for Gordon Studio?  Wow, I would love that, because there is nothing more gratifying than sharing the incredible feeling of vitality and accomplishment you get from completing a Turbulence Training Transformation Contest..

Here are the rules for the current contest:

Rules of the 18th
Turbulence Training
Transformation Contest 


1) The 18th Turbulence Training 12-Week Transformation Contest runs from Sunday, September 1st to Monday, December 9th, 2013.

  • All transformations must be submitted before midnight, EST, on Monday, December 9th, 2013, at midnight EST.
  • The last day to enter if you want to complete a full 12-week Transformation is Monday, September 16th, 2013.
  • You can still enter AFTER that date, but you won’t be able to complete a full 12 weeks, as you must submit your entry no later than Monday, December 9th, 2013, at midnight EST

2) To enter the TT Transformation Contests:

  • You must use Turbulence Training or 24-7 Fat Loss workouts to achieve your results.
  • You must provide “Before and After” photos via email or by posting them in the Transformation Forum of the Turbulence Training Membership Website.
  • All entries for the 12-week Transformation Contest must be received before Midnight, EST, Monday, December 9th, 2013.

NOTE: If you have placed in the top three of any previous Turbulence Training Transformation Contests then you are no longer eligible to enter the 18th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. You may only win a prize once.



3) You must take “Before” photos on Day 1 and “After” photos on Day 84.

  • All photos must include your face and a newspaper from the current date in order for your transformation to be entered into the contest. There are NO exceptions.
  • To view a sample of proper photo documentation, visit this link:

Watch “How to Take Your Transformation Contest Photos”



4) Photos can be posted in the Turbulence Training Membership Website Transformation Forum or can be entered by email (see details below).

  • It is highly recommended – for your success – to post your photos, workouts, and nutrition in a training journal in the Turbulence Training Membership forum.
  • Recording your photos, workouts, and nutrition will dramatically increase your chances of losing fat and reaching your goals because of the power of social support found on the forums.

5) In addition to providing Before & After photos, each contestant must write a 300 word essay on their before and after success story. This can be posted on the forum or sent by email.

6) The Transformation Contest will be judged by Craig Ballantyne and voting may be opened to the public.

  • By entering this Contest, each winner of a contest prize consents to the use of his/her name, and/or photograph in any publicity carried out by the Contest Sponsor and its advertising and promotional agencies without further notice or compensation.

7) Prizes are as follows:

  • For the 12-Week Transformation Contest there will be four categories:
    • Men Under 40
    • Men Over 40
    • Women Under 40
    • Women Over 40
  • Each category will reward the following prizes.
    • 1st Place Grand Prize – $1000 plus a 3-Year Platinum TT Membership
    • 2nd Place – $500 plus a 2-Year Platinum TT Membership
    • 3rd Place – $250 plus a 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

8) The Contest Sponsor’s rulings are final and without appeal in all matters related to this Contest and the awarding of the Prizes. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

9) Entering by Email

  • To enter photos by email, send to:Support (AT)
  • All entries become the property of the Contest Sponsor and will not be returned.
  • Contest Sponsor, its advertising and promotion agencies assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, illegible, incomplete, postage-due, garbled or misdirected entries or entries that have been submitted through illicit means, or do not conform to or satisfy the Contest Rules or for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any entry to be received or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from playing or downloading any material in the contest.

    If you enter, you may be added to the Turbulence Training email marketing list.

10) The Contest Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Contest should an external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Contest Sponsor. The Contest Sponsor is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Contest.

The Contest Sponsor collects your personal information for the purposes of registration, program evaluation and to keep you informed about The Challenge. The Contest Sponsor may, if consent was given during registration, also contact you from time to time with information about other ways you can lose weight.

The Contest Sponsor will not share any personal data about entrants with any

other party. The personal data collected for this Contest will not be used for any other purposes unless entrants provide explicit permission as indicated on the entry form. For more information about our privacy practices or to obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy,

By entering this Contest, entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Contest Sponsor and their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, advertising and promotional agencies from any liability for any loss or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person in connection with this Contest or participation in any Contest related activities, including but not limited the taking of a urine test or, if declared a winner, the use or misuse of a prize or any portion of a prize including personal injury, death or property damage.

This Contest will run in accordance with these Contest Rules, subject to amendment by the Contest Sponsor. Contest Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, amend, modify or terminate this Contest or the Rules at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.

Entrants must comply with these rules, and will be deemed to have received and understood the rules if they participate in the Contest.


Craig Ballantyne, CTT

Certified Turbulence Trainer



I want to encourage all of my local TT students to participate.  If you can’t make it in to Gordon Studio, and even if you can and you want to to Turbulence Training at home or at your local gym, here is my affiliate link to buy the TT program, and get all of the training sessions that I used to help my students- and many many more:



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When it comes to transforming your body, nothing beats TT, plus, you could win 250, 500, or even 1000 dollars in the 18th Transformation Contest.  Sandra, Kim, and Melinda did it, and you can too.


One more detail: If you take your pictures by September 3rd, you will complete your 12 week transformation before Thanksgiving.  (Just a friendly reminder for those of you in the U.S.)


I will be entering the contest myself, even though I’m not eligible to win a prize, in order to test the effectiveness of my new “Sugar Freedom Diet”- “No , Sugar, no Grains, No Cravings”  is my motto.


Let’s make this the best contest ever, for heath, energy, a great body, and fun!


TT Trainer of the Year


Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Frustrated Overweight Mom To Trainer of the Year

What is it about the saying, “Fitness is a lifestyle.”  That makes me roll my eyes, and think, “That’s not it at all.  

The whole lifestyle thing makes me think of training as a chore.  Just one more thing, like brushing your teeth, putting away the laundry, or getting your oil changed, that is necessary but not a thrill.  Regular workouts can seem like just another duty to be fulfilled in order to live up to the ideal of being a good mom.

A good mom sets the right example for her children by working out, but she doesn’t turn her exercise into a self indulgent pleasure that takes her away from her family for too long.  It’s not a sport.  It’s not a game.  It’s not golf.  It’s part of a healthy lifestyle.  It kind of reminds me of the old tag after commercials for Frosted Flakes,

“Part of this complete breakfast.”

Working out is “Part of this complete life,” but is it healthy, or satisfying, of inspiring?  Not always.

For the first seven  years after Colin was born, I did Tae Bo tapes, step aerobics, weight machines, and cardio machines, religiously, as hard as I could.  Getting my weight from 185 to 160 pounds was pretty straightforward, but the battle really began at right around 155 pounds.  At 5’1″ 155 is significantly overweight, but nothing I did seemed to work for very long.  In spite of attending Weight Watchers meetings, and following diets like Atkins and South Beach, I would get to 147 and then bounce right back up.  Finally, in 2008 I found Turbulence Training, entered the 2nd TT Transformation contest, and everything finally came together.

C & C at TT!

This weekend, at the 3rd Turbulence Training Summit, Craig talked about his Four Pillars of Transformation, they are:

Planning and Preparation
Accountability and Social Support
A Deadline
A Powerful Reason to Change

The contest, a commitment to sugar free eating, and powerful Turbulence Training techniques gave me the tools to succeed.  What’s more, the TT Members community gave me the proof I needed that brilliant lasting change is possible without low fat- constant hunger dieting, endless cardio, or surgery.  The key to making that physical transformation permanent was the determination to pass on what I had learned to others.

I am so fortunate that my TT students, Melinda, Sandra, and Melanie had the tenacity to power through the 15th TT Transformation Contest.  My win as TT Trainer of the year is a testament to what they achieved with TT and Home Workout Revolution programs.  They trained at Gordon Studio and at home, and it worked, proving right here in Sonora that the fat loss they achieved wasn’t a fluke.

Right now, five students and I are right in the middle of the 17th TT Transformation Contest.  It is so exciting to know that as we keep learning and improving our techniques for fat loss, that more and more gals are stepping up and taking a chance on TT, HWR, and themselves!  Last year at this time Mike Whitfield,  TT Trainer of the Year 2012 inspired me to shoot for the stars, and set the intention of winning myself, and although CTT nominees Brian Kalakay and Daniel Woodruff deserved the trophy too- I really did land on the moon.  And what a super moon it is today!

This year, with the help of my students at Gordon Studio, I intend to do my best to repay Craig’s confidence in me.

Let it begin.


Picture Day: 4 Weeks Away

Four Weeks ‘Till the Photo Shoot

At the halfway mark.

Friday, December 14th is picture day, so we have four weeks to complete the transformation we started back in September.

If you’ve been doing your Turbulence Training consistently for the past eight weeks, you have laid the foundation for a great physique.  Now in these coming four weeks it’s time to reveal what you’ve worked to build.

The biggest obstacle I confront when it comes to bringing my physical appearance in line with my wildest dreams, is the fact that I want results right now.  Like a kid who can’t bear the fact that her birthday is months away, I whine internally about the fact that permanent healthy change takes time.

How tempting it is to say, “Oh I’ll just fast today”, or “I’ll cut my calories way back”, or “How about an extra hour of cardio?” In order to try to force a change in the scale or the mirror.  It’s true that many people can take drastic measures and shed fat quickly, but I suspect that if I was one of them, I never would have become obese in the first place.

No, the truth is that if I try to fast for 24 hours, or if I cut my calories below around 1400, my appetite comes roaring up and I eat far more that I would have without the cutting or fasting, and usually later in the evening when I can least afford the insulin surge.

The discipline for all of us going into the last four weeks of the Transformation Contest is to continue to follow a healthy eating plan that fuels our training, and allows us to reveal our beautiful new muscle development through continued fat release.

The best way to do this in my personal opinion and experience, is to focus on pure whole foods, that tend not to wake up a surge of the storage hormone, insulin.  A simple way to do this is to eliminate foods that contain added sugar and white flour.  There is nothing radical or drastic about this idea.  Yes, that means bread, and pasta are out the window, and so are sweets, but this is how I send a message to my metabolism that it’s time to release fat, and not to store it.

What about Thanksgiving you say?  Simply make some choices today, about how you’re going to celebrate that wonderful national holiday. When it comes to the Thanksgiving meal, what is it that makes it special for you?  Yes, if you truly desire starches and sweets make sure that you choose them wisely in terms of quality, and the enjoyment and satisfaction they add to the meal and the experience.

I ordered an organic free range turkey last week, and yes the price made it an indulgence, but it is the star of the meal so it’s worth it.  I am also looking forward to whipped sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon.  Today I will be choosing a sugar, gluten, and flour free dessert that I can have while the pumpkin pie is served, because believe me I would never deny my family that pleasure.  (Besides, they wouldn’t let me.)

Put simply, the idea is to think ahead and make some choices before you sit down to dinner.  The great news is that we can all make excellent progress in the three weeks after the holiday.  Add to that the fact that since we’ve been training consistently, that yummy food will serve as fuel for our muscles.

To all of the TT participants at Gordon studio, I’m looking forward to seeing you on Monday the 19th, and again on Monday the 26th for TT Thermogenic.  Bookend that holiday with great training, and you have nothing to fear.