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  • My Cruise Ship Showgirl Diet

    When I was hired as a singer/dancer on Holland America Line, I had to fit into some small costumes. Here’s what I did to stay in shape around all that food! Back in 1996, I had to replace atiny singer dancer on Holland, America’s Statendam. In order to get the job and keep the job, […]

  • Sugar Free Transformation

    Losing weight can be wonderful, but keeping it off is the ultimate goal. In order to keep weight off, you do have to make a “lifestyle change.” I used to roll my eyes at that phrase. It sounded as appealing as, Tax Audit, or Root Canal. The phrase Lifestyle Change can conjure up images of […]

  • The Life Changing Power of Fulfillment

    When your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are fulfilled, the whole world benefits. Think of the people who do good things in your community. Right now, I’m picturing my friends who teach, practice health care, provide services to seniors, support arts and recreation, and help people who lack the basic necessities of life. These people […]

  • How I Blew Up On TikTok

    Easy tips to grow followers and get views.

  • Sugar Free Diet Plus Strength Training

    How much is enough? In my latest video I talk about two studies that show how a little exercise spread out through the week goes a long way to improve insulin sensitivity and strength. One wonderful benefit of insulin sensitivity is the way it normalizes appetite. When I eat a sugar free diet and do […]

  • Carnivore Diet Plateau part 3

  • Three Myths About Weight Loss

    And what to do instead.  The Top Three Myths About Weight Loss Are: 1. Eat Less 2. Move More 3. No Pain No Gain These three myths have caused enormous suffering to the countless individuals who have struggled to lose weight after cheap food became abundant and skinny bodies became fashionable in many parts of […]

  • Catherine’s Keto Diet

    It has been an eye-opening experience to read and answer questions about weight loss on When I was a personal trainer and I had my fitness studio, I would often ask what people want when it comes to a nutrition and training program. The simple answer is that they want results. My history with […]

  • Sugar Free Meal Planning

    by Catherine Best Gordon Macro-Nutrients 1. Protein: 1 gram per pound of ideal bodyweight2. Carbs: Up to your personal carbohydrate tolerance.3. Fat: Enough to satisfy appetite. Reduce if fat/weight loss stalls.Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, TofuVegetables that grow above the ground.Low sugar Fruits: Berries, Melons, Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit if well tolerated.Fat: Butter, Olive Oil, Heavy Cream, […]

  • Does Jogging Work for Weight Loss?

    I answer questions about weight loss on, and here is my latest answer to a good question about jogging or badminton for weight loss. Would jogging or badminton be more effective in weight loss? Let’s say an alternate jogging days of 2km with a daily one hour play of badminton. I’m obese and trying […]