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  • Train For Joy 2023

    As we begin 2023, I find my self thinking about the growing number of people who are struggling with their weight, and I ask myself these questions: Why do people choose to eat foods that don’t make them feel well? Why do people want workouts that burn calories instead of training programs that build ability […]

  • How To Feel Good Again

    How To Feel Good Again

    Good Food and Training Can Help You Enjoy The Simple Things Once More. When I was a little girl, I rarely wanted to stop playing in order to eat. I would rather play outside in the sandbox or on the swings. On rainy days I didn’t want to leave my dolls or drawing in order […]

  • Can I Re-Start My Career at 58?

    All I ever wanted to do was act, sing, and dance. In 1986, I earned a BA in Theatre from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. I headed to Los Angeles, and I was able to work for many of the musical theatre and Civic Light Opera companies there. I did quite a few commercials, […]

  • What Are We Training For?

    For fifty years, I have been training to fit in. That’s long enough. By the time I was eight years old, my peers were letting me know that I was too short and round to be an asset to any social group. My intelligence, friendliness, and sense of humor weren’t going to be enough to […]

  • How To Train If You Want To Perform.

    When, I was in college, I learned this age old advice to actors: “Only pursue a career as an actor if you can’t do anything else.” From 2012 to 2020, I tried to channel my exclusive desire to work as a theatre professional into a career as a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness studio owner, and […]