Category: Goal Getting

  • No sugar For 14 Years

    Is a sugar free diet sustainable? Find out in the video below. I stopped eating sugar, grains, and processed oils in 2008, and it changed my life for the better. Now that my blood sugar is stable, and my insulin resistance is vastly improved, I almost never experience sugar cravings. If I do have a […]

  • 4 Keys to Weight Loss

    Here is the weight loss question I answered on Quora today: How do I decrease weight from 74 kg to 60 kg of a 5’3 female? Answer: In 2008, I followed a food and fitness program that took my weight from 67 kg to 60 kg in 12 weeks. What was even better is that […]

  • Freedom Friday

    “If I could stick to my program on the week-ends, I’d be at goal by now.” This is a statement I have heard from so many of my clients and readers.  We seem to be able to follow our best fitness and nutrition plans during the week, but when the week-end rolls around our inner […]

  • Catherine’s Body Workshop

    Yes! Catherine’s Body Workshop is coming. Saturday April 23rd at 3PM. there will be an orientation meeting for new students at the studio: 291 S. Washington St. Then,  Monday through Friday at 5:30PM from April 25th through May 6th participants will follow my newly designed training program. In addition, my latest meal plans will be […]

  • The Total Body Challenge Begins Today

    Away we go with another Total Body Challenge at Gordon Studio. These challenges were instrumental in helping our clients lose over 1200 pounds and inches in 2015.  This year, we’re going for 1600 pounds and inches, from our in-person clients, and ten times that from readers of Sugar Freedom, and this blog. When I opened […]

  • Challenge Begins September 8th

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day 3 Day Week-End. On Tuesday, Sept 8th we begin our 6 Week Sugar Freedom/Little Black Dress Challenge. Whatever your dreams are, it’s time to start taking them very, very seriously. Here at Gordon Studio, developing your fitness, and your figure, is all about living a life full of […]

  • Found! My Original 12 Week Transformation Photos

      One unique feature you’ll find at Gordon Studio is the “Wall of Fame.”  Unfortunately, my original before and afters aren’t up there because I lost them in  a capacitor meltdown a few years ago. I’m posting these here because we do 12 week transformation challenges with our members, and they always like to see […]

  • Jamie Did It!

    In a tough field of international competitors, Jamie takes 3rd. place in the Women over 40 division.  It is always the most competitive category, and I am so proud of her achievement.  It’s true, in just 90 minutes a week, you can transform your body. If you also commit to a sugar and processed food […]

  • Congratulations Jamie!

      I’ll admit, getting through another candy coated holiday was an eye-opening experience. I mean, I expect to see Easter candy in the grocery and drug stores, but I was certainly surprised by the displays in the home improvement stores. Thank goodness my students, readers, and I have found a way of eating that helps […]

  • Be Beautiful Now

      Last week I was moving files over from an old computer when I came across this photo.  My computer skills have always been a little haphazard, so I’m not really sure when this was taken. It was probably sometime in 2004, when my internet-influenced fat loss journey began.   January, 2004 Whatever you may […]