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  • Big Benefits of Weight Lifting

    Plus: The Five By Five! Back in 2008, I finally figured out how to reach and maintain a healthy weight and body composition. The key to unlocking my personal recovery from obesity was weight lifting. Here are five of the biggest benefits of resistance training: Recently, I learned about a study that showed only seven […]

  • How To Feel Good Again

    How To Feel Good Again

    Good Food and Training Can Help You Enjoy The Simple Things Once More. When I was a little girl, I rarely wanted to stop playing in order to eat. I would rather play outside in the sandbox or on the swings. On rainy days I didn’t want to leave my dolls or drawing in order […]

  • Does Jogging Work for Weight Loss?

    I answer questions about weight loss on, and here is my latest answer to a good question about jogging or badminton for weight loss. Would jogging or badminton be more effective in weight loss? Let’s say an alternate jogging days of 2km with a daily one hour play of badminton. I’m obese and trying […]

  • Fast Fat Loss Plan

    Fast Fat Loss Plan: 14 days of food and fitness Summer Is Here! Enjoy It In Good Health. My ketogenic food plan enhances your energy, mood, and shape by getting rid of bloating, flattening the belly, and shrinking the waistline. I developed this plan when I was working with my training clients at Gordon Studio, […]

  • Simple Weight Training

    To Get Lean Safely and permanently, embrace the lifting lifestyle. Here’s how to get started. Personal Training is expensive and time consuming. In person one on one training requires you to travel to the gym, or get your home ready for a visitor. Group weight training, which I taught for years at my studio, is […]

  • Is It Better To Walk or Jog to Lose Weight?

    I’m happy to answer this question because it lets me dig in to some of the things I’ve discovered about walking, jogging, running, and sprinting in the course of the past 45 years. When I was in the 7th grade, I struggled to jog a mile in P.E. even though I was pretty good at […]

  • How Do I Lose Arm Fat?

    How Do I Lose Arm Fat? Is the question I just answered on Quora has been very helpful in showing me what people are really looking for in fitness advice, so I’ve decided to share my answer with you. Catherine’s Answer on “Arm Fat.” When I was trying to overcome obesity back in 2002, […]

  • Healthy Happy Summer

    For a healthy, happy Summer I want to invite you to practice what you love, especially when it comes to movement. Whether you are lifting, dancing, doing yoga, or my current favorite, playing with your dogs, I hope you will find enjoyment in everything you do this Summer. I know that it takes discipline to […]

  • Cabbage Soup: Sugar Freedom Style

    Sugar Freedom Style Cabbage Soup Can Help You Get Off Of Sugar When people ask me, “How do I get off of sugar?” I reply, “Eat something else.” So many of the simple grab and go foods we eat contain sugar, grains, and processed vegetable oils.  All of these foods are inflammatory and appetite boosting […]

  • Do Your “Besties.”

    Do your Besties: a new way to do interval training that you will enjoy. If you are doing the Spring Training Challenge, you will need to be training at home, even if you can make it to my classes at Dance at the Dome.  You will be weight training three times per week, and these […]