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  • Sugar Free Transformation

    Losing weight can be wonderful, but keeping it off is the ultimate goal. In order to keep weight off, you do have to make a “lifestyle change.” I used to roll my eyes at that phrase. It sounded as appealing as, Tax Audit, or Root Canal. The phrase Lifestyle Change can conjure up images of […]

  • How I Gained Weight, How I Lost it, and How I Keep It Off.

    My unwanted weight gain started with two conditions, one genetic, and the other environmental. Condition Number One: Dopamine Resistance. I was born with a mutation of the A1 allele of the D2 dopamine receptor. This mutation can be found in hunter gatherer populations, and in the descendants of groups of people who experienced severe prolonged […]

  • No sugar For 14 Years

    Is a sugar free diet sustainable? Find out in the video below. I stopped eating sugar, grains, and processed oils in 2008, and it changed my life for the better. Now that my blood sugar is stable, and my insulin resistance is vastly improved, I almost never experience sugar cravings. If I do have a […]

  • Fast Fat Loss Plan

    Fast Fat Loss Plan: 14 days of food and fitness Summer Is Here! Enjoy It In Good Health. My ketogenic food plan enhances your energy, mood, and shape by getting rid of bloating, flattening the belly, and shrinking the waistline. I developed this plan when I was working with my training clients at Gordon Studio, […]

  • 4 Keys to Weight Loss

    Here is the weight loss question I answered on Quora today: How do I decrease weight from 74 kg to 60 kg of a 5’3 female? Answer: In 2008, I followed a food and fitness program that took my weight from 67 kg to 60 kg in 12 weeks. What was even better is that […]

  • Simple Weight Training

    To Get Lean Safely and permanently, embrace the lifting lifestyle. Here’s how to get started. Personal Training is expensive and time consuming. In person one on one training requires you to travel to the gym, or get your home ready for a visitor. Group weight training, which I taught for years at my studio, is […]

  • My Perfect Carnivore Meal Plan

    One Diet that Always Works When I was preparing to sing at Carnegie hall in 2019 I had two essential goals for my nutrition plan. It had to allow me to get leaner, and it had to be anti-inflammatory. When you are a singer, and you eat anything that causes inflammation, the first place you […]

  • How Do I Lose Arm Fat?

    How Do I Lose Arm Fat? Is the question I just answered on Quora has been very helpful in showing me what people are really looking for in fitness advice, so I’ve decided to share my answer with you. Catherine’s Answer on “Arm Fat.” When I was trying to overcome obesity back in 2002, […]

  • Spring Training Challenge Starts 3/20/2018

    Catherine’s Spring Training Challenge Starts 3/20/2018. In class or on-line. I am delighted to announce that the  Spring Transformation Challenge: Train For Joy, will begin on March 20th.  The challenge will feature Sugar Freedom, and my Positive Training Program.  The Sugar Freedom method encourages you to find your most wholesome foods, and I created the […]

  • 7 Benefits of Resistance Training

    This article on the 7 benefits of heavy resistance training was written by the experts at the American Council on Exercise.  As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, it helps to be able to pass along the science of weight training on my blog, especially when we have so much to cover in our one on […]