They steal my before and after pictures to sell their scams.

Who is “Kristy?” Not the woman in this picture.
That’s me! Catherine Gordon CPT

They steal my pictures to sell their scams.  Here’s why.

It happened again.  Yesterday, my friend Naomi sent me an e-mail with “GNC is using your pictures?!”in the subject line.

Somebody was trying to sell a fat burning supplement using my before and after photos.

Somehow the company was trying to make it look like GNC was selling their pill as well, and the worst part was the fake blog by some woman named “Kristy,” claiming that she had lost 49 pounds in one month, and using my pictures to convince vulnerable women that her results were real.

Here is the true story.  Those are my before and after photos from the 2nd Turbulence Training transformation contest that I won in 2008.  Over 12 weeks of following the Sugar Freedom nutrition program that I developed specifically to overcome the overweight and obesity caused by my decades long sugar addiction, lifting weights 3 times per week, and adding the dance techniques I had learned through years of study in Los Angeles, I was able to lose 14 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist alone.

Note the weight loss: 14 pounds.  That’s just slightly more than 1 pound a week, not a ridiculous number like 49 pounds in one month which, trust me, would have left me looking old and deflated, not 15 years younger and glowing with health and happiness.

So why did they steal my pictures?

#1.  They are real.  They were taken outdoors with natural lighting, and no retouching was used.  Real pictures get people to trust and buy.

#2.  I look younger and happier.  Smart marketers, even unscrupulous ones, know that they are selling happiness even more than weight loss.

#3.  My waist is dramatically smaller.  Techniques like heat mapping and split testing show the pros selling supplements exactly what kind of visible results sell products, and a smaller waist gets the clicks.

Bottom line, I got the results I wanted with sugar freedom:, and Turbulence Training.

So now I am determined to do another 12 week transformation with all of the knowledge I have gained over the past 5 years of my professional trying career.  I will share all the techniques with you, and when I’m done, i will get back out there and tell my story, so that no-one will try to steal my results again.

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Away we go.






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