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Ever since Gordon Studio opened in 2012, and our clients started achieving amazing body transformations, I have been searching for a way to communicate exactly what it is that makes our training system so effective.  Is it the intervals? Is it the focus on flexibility and balance that comes from what I’ve learned as a dancer and choreographer?  Is it my insistence that my students rest when fatigue causes them to lose form?  Is it the techniques that we use to eliminate junk food from our eating plans?

I literally spent decades trying to transform my body in diet clubs, gyms, and studios.  What finally worked, and what I will be sharing with you in the upcoming seminar on Saturday, April 23rd at 3PM, is total commitment to Great Form.

By learning Great Form we can re-shape the body, prevent injury, and truly enjoy our training for life.  Our dedication to great form at Gordon Studio has helped our members lose literally thousands of pounds and inches, and keep them off.

Until you try Great Form Training at Gordon Studio, you may not believe what you can achieve in our 35 minute training sessions.  Let me show you the amazing results you can get by attending the free seminar on April 23rd.  Everyone will get a free download of “Keep the Change: Transform Your Body For Good.” This is the book I wrote that teaches you the T.E.A.M. technique to lose weight, look younger, and feel fantastic for good.

Then, join our Great Form Challenge for two weeks of targeted training instruction that will improve the way you train, and the way you look and feel, guaranteed.

New clients can expect to drop a size in 2 weeks, and I personally guarantee this result or better, or you pay nothing!

Call 209-532-2235 or e-mail me at catherine@sugarfreedom.com to reserve your spot.

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Great Form Gives You A Great Form.






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