Catherine’s Fitness Class Is Back Today

Today is the day: BodyCon Training begins at 9AM at KASA: Dance at the Dome with Catherine Gordon ACE_CPT.

251 B. Baretta Street, Sonora CA.  Park on Baretta, walk up the stairs and turn left to get to the dance studio at the Dome. A single class is $10 or 6 classes for $50.  

What does it take to get leaner, stronger, and younger?

The most important element is nutrition.  We have to get enough nutrients without overeating in order to release and utilize stored body fat.

The second priority is resistance training, or to put it more simply, weight lifting with excellent form.  After years of trial and error on my own fat loss journey, everything finally came together when I learned to lift.  It took years of studying and getting to the gym three times a week without fail.  I had to swallow my pride and risk looking foolish in order to figure out how to do the lifts and set up the weights, even with the effective training plans I had obtained from my mentors, Craig Ballantyne and John Barban.  With BodyCon, I will tech you how to lift safely without all the confusion of figuring it out on your own.

The third step on the ladder to fat loss and better body composition is interval training. This kind of burst-style training stimulates fat burning without stimulating appetite, and it is very powerful.

Crowning this fitness pyramid is dance technique with keeps makes the body more graceful and feminine.  Long before I became a personal trainer, I was a working dancer and choreographer.  With years of experience in the theater, I have learned the form and technique that makes the figure more elegant.

With BodyCon, which is short for Body Confidence, I promise to teach you how to lift, train, stretch, and recover so that you can get the results you want, and maintain them for life.

When you have the confidence to attend any gym or fitness studio, I will consider BodyCon a success.

Come and learn the fitness techniques that will lead to a lifetime of health, and the leaner, stronger, younger body you deserve.








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