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  • My Cruise Ship Showgirl Diet

    When I was hired as a singer/dancer on Holland America Line, I had to fit into some small costumes. Here’s what I did to stay in shape around all that food! Back in 1996, I had to replace atiny singer dancer on Holland, America’s Statendam. In order to get the job and keep the job, […]

  • Free Keto Diet by Chat GPT

    Chat GPT created this 1400 calorie per day ketogenic diet plan. Amazing! Here is the instruction I typed in at Chat AI: create a 7 day ketogenic meal plan at 1400 calories per day The unedited answer appears below: Here is a 7-day ketogenic meal plan that provides approximately 1400 calories per day: Day 1: […]

  • Three Day Sugar Detox

    Three of the daily food lists below are Keto: 20 grams or less of carbohydrate per day. To keep total carbs below 20 grams per day, I choose non starchy vegetables that grow above the ground. The table below lists the vegetables I use and their carbohydrate counts. Click the image to make it larger. […]

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Study Shows Big Benefits

    I’ve been drinking a tonic of one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, one tablespoon of lemon juice, 8 ounces of water (240ml), and a few drops of stevia for almost 10 years. I’ve always known that it reduces my cravings, and it keeps my night time leg cramps away. My readers and viewers have been […]

  • No sugar For 14 Years

    Is a sugar free diet sustainable? Find out in the video below. I stopped eating sugar, grains, and processed oils in 2008, and it changed my life for the better. Now that my blood sugar is stable, and my insulin resistance is vastly improved, I almost never experience sugar cravings. If I do have a […]

  • Sugar Free Meal Planning

    by Catherine Best Gordon Macro-Nutrients 1. Protein: 1 gram per pound of ideal bodyweight2. Carbs: Up to your personal carbohydrate tolerance.3. Fat: Enough to satisfy appetite. Reduce if fat/weight loss stalls.Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, TofuVegetables that grow above the ground.Low sugar Fruits: Berries, Melons, Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit if well tolerated.Fat: Butter, Olive Oil, Heavy Cream, […]

  • Fast Fat Loss Plan

    Fast Fat Loss Plan: 14 days of food and fitness Summer Is Here! Enjoy It In Good Health. My ketogenic food plan enhances your energy, mood, and shape by getting rid of bloating, flattening the belly, and shrinking the waistline. I developed this plan when I was working with my training clients at Gordon Studio, […]

  • Simple Weight Training

    To Get Lean Safely and permanently, embrace the lifting lifestyle. Here’s how to get started. Personal Training is expensive and time consuming. In person one on one training requires you to travel to the gym, or get your home ready for a visitor. Group weight training, which I taught for years at my studio, is […]

  • Is It Better To Walk or Jog to Lose Weight?

    I’m happy to answer this question because it lets me dig in to some of the things I’ve discovered about walking, jogging, running, and sprinting in the course of the past 45 years. When I was in the 7th grade, I struggled to jog a mile in P.E. even though I was pretty good at […]

  • My Perfect Carnivore Meal Plan

    One Diet that Always Works When I was preparing to sing at Carnegie hall in 2019 I had two essential goals for my nutrition plan. It had to allow me to get leaner, and it had to be anti-inflammatory. When you are a singer, and you eat anything that causes inflammation, the first place you […]

  • The Best Workout For You.

    The Best Workout For You, Is the One You Are Willing To Do. I love to train, I really do, but there are three things that put me off when I mentally prepare to train. I think it will be boring. The exercises will feel too hard. Training sessions take too long. The Psychology of […]

  • Create Your Freedom Fourteen Diet

    14 Foods, 14 Moves, 14 Days Einstein once said that solutions should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. How can you create an effective food and fitness strategy that is simple enough to stick to? My experience with my students, personal training clients, and readers is that simplicity in food and fitness makes […]

  • Sugar Free Transformation

    Losing weight can be wonderful, but keeping it off is the ultimate goal. In order to keep weight off, you do have to make a “lifestyle change.” I used to roll my eyes at that phrase. It sounded as appealing as, Tax Audit, or Root Canal. The phrase Lifestyle Change can conjure up images of […]

  • Train For Joy 2023

    As we begin 2023, I find my self thinking about the growing number of people who are struggling with their weight, and I ask myself these questions: Why do people choose to eat foods that don’t make them feel well? Why do people want workouts that burn calories instead of training programs that build ability […]

  • Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity

    In 2008, I quit eating added sugar and doing traditional cardio exercise. this change led to the insulin sensitivity that is the key to my permanent recovery from obesity. Catherine Gordon Training is quite simply a way to eat and train for insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity refers to the body’s ability to respond to and […]

  • Sugar speeds up aging. Here’s How to replace it.

    Too much sugar can damage your skin’s collagen and elastin proteins, which are responsible for keeping your skin looking young and healthy.  It can also lead to wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.  Additionally, eating too much sugar can cause your body to produce more advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs are chemical compounds […]

  • 28 Day Sugar Detox

    28 Day Sugar Detox

    I got off of sugar 14 years ago, and I don’t miss it at all. This is the food list I still use today. Yesterday’s food list is below. Sugar Detox Shopping List No Sugar, No Grains, No Processed Vegetable Oils = No Cravings! 1. In The Produce Aisle Eat a variety of non-starchy vegetables  […]

  • Three Reasons to Improve Insulin Sensitivity.

    Three Reasons to Improve Insulin Sensitivity.

    In 2018, I read Edward Bullmore MD’s book on the connection between inflammation and depression. That was also the year when I learned how to reduce the carbohydrates in my diet to the point where I no longer experienced any hunger or cravings between my two meals a day. Diet and Exercise Improve Insulin Sensitivity. […]

  • How I Gained Weight, How I Lost it, and How I Keep It Off.

    My unwanted weight gain started with two conditions, one genetic, and the other environmental. Condition Number One: Dopamine Resistance. I was born with a mutation of the A1 allele of the D2 dopamine receptor. This mutation can be found in hunter gatherer populations, and in the descendants of groups of people who experienced severe prolonged […]

  • The Life Changing Power of Fulfillment

    When your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are fulfilled, the whole world benefits. Think of the people who do good things in your community. Right now, I’m picturing my friends who teach, practice health care, provide services to seniors, support arts and recreation, and help people who lack the basic necessities of life. These people […]

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